The Stonemason Academy  


It begins!... on September 29th 2017 

Come join us in the all-new Stonemason Academy!

In this new online video course you will learn step-by-step the secrets to creating incredible stonework!

Regardless of your experience... or your skill level... you can build with stone! 

No matter what type of home you own now, or plan to build in the future... stone will add greatly to its beauty and charm.

Stonework continues to bless our home, long after it is finished... from those soul-warming fires we gather around in the winter... to the rich visual appeal they provide to the exterior.

This Stonemason Academy is focused on guiding the beginning novice, as well as the professional stonemason who seeks to improve his, or her, craft. 

Even if you never intend to lay a single stone yourself, the insights that you will discover within this course will help you to guide the craftsmen who will lay the stone on your home! All stonemasons want to please the individuals they are working for and greatly appreciate a well informed client.

But come on now!... Why would you ever pay someone else to experience the joy of working with stone? Why miss out on all the fun?... and the deep satisfaction that comes from creatng a part of one's own home which will stand for centuries.

The Stonemason Academy is much more than an online course... 

It is an online Apprenticeship opportunity. 

Yes, the Stonemason Academy is entertaining. And yes, you will learn a great deal. But the goal is to obtain... results. 

We learn best by doing... hands on... while being under the guidance of a skilled teacher.

So you are invited to come along in the Stonemason Academy as Noah Bradley... (and you at home)... construct a stone fireplace! 

With the assistance of this course you will be able to create the centerpiece of your home! For the rest of your life the result of this one project will garner the admiration of family members and friends alike!

And, once the course is complete... once you have built your stone fireplace front... you will not only have an attractive architectural addition to your current (or future) home... but you will also have gained the skills and confidence to be able to undertake any stone project!... such as... a stone chimney, a stone foundation, maybe stone piers under your porch, or a set of columns at the end of your driveway! 

Perhaps even... a stone home! 

The stoneworks of Noah and his Stonemason Team has spanned several decades and has included hundreds of unique projects. This stonework has been featured in many national and international publications. (a small sampling of it can seen here on this page)  

Noah's "downhome" Academy courses... have all recieved abundant and enthusiastic praise. They are often found to be entertaining as well as instructional... not only guiding you along on your journey to learn new building skills, but also thoughtfully descriptive of why something is done in a particular way. 

For centuries the average person has laid stone and has created durable and functional works of art. Unfortunetly the beauty of early stonework has all but been lost in part due to the introduction of modern methods and materials... where rocks are now radomly glued into place... in many cases the stones themselves are faux.

If stonework is in your future then this course is essential. Here you will learn how to combine timeless craftsmanship with modern innovations. The finished result will be the creation of a lasting legacy... a breathtaking and functional masterpiece... one that will endure for millenia.

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, or a new career, or maybe you simply want to play a key part in the creation of your own handmade home... this course is for you!

Will you save a lot of money in undertaking this craft? Yes!!!

Will you enjoy every moment of it? Yes!!!

Will your home be much more attractive as a result of your efforts? Yes!!! 

So, come along as Noah Bradley shares how you can dramatically improve your home... by showcasing the beauty of stone!

Class begins September 29, 2017! 

Every Friday, for seven weeks in a row, a new video module (each about an hour long) will be released. Once released these vidoes will be yours to view... any time that you would like... and, as often as you would like... for life!

There is absolutely no risk involved!

We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee... If you aren't 100% convinced that this was well worth your time and money... your money will be cheerfully and quickly refunded... no questions asked!

The cost of this course is far less than the consulatation fees Noah Bradley has received from professional masons seeking to improve their work. The Stonemason Academy should not be viewed as an expense, but rather an investment in your future home.

Here below is just one of the many comments that we have received on our Academy courses...

"One of the experiences I have had in being a member of the Handmade House Guild*** and taking Noah's courses is getting excited about each form of construction. I have always admired beautiful stone work, but his courses and writings have made it seem that, with effort, doing this work is actually within reach. Because of this my wife has had to endure me being excited about a variety of handmade house construction forms."

***Handmade House Guild members gain lifetime free access to ALL Academy courses... plus, so much more! To learn more about the benefits of Membership in the Handmade House Guild please visit... ***

So Mark It On Your Calendar!... Registration Begins!... Along With The Release Of The First Module Of The Stonemason Academy Course!... On September 29, 2017!


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