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It begins!... March 20th, 2018!

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Here you will learn the step-by-step secrets of how you can create incredible stonework in your home.

We are talking about real stonework... laid in the traditional timeless way (not "glued-on synthrock").

We won't be landscaping, or building bridges, dams, or shopping centers. (not that there is anything wrong with these structures)... but our focus will be on building with stone with the sole focus of adding beauty and value to our homes.

The Stonemason Academy has been created to guide anyone, from the beginning novice to the professional stonemason... anyone... who strives to acheive stonework at it's highest level of form and function. 

No matter what type of home you own now, or plan to build in the future... stone will greatly add to its beauty and charm.

There is nothing else like it. 

It is timeless.

Even if you never intend to lay a single stone yourself, the insights that you will discover within this course will help you to better the work of the craftsmen who will lay the stone on your home.

But, why pay someone else to have all the fun and let them gain the deep level of satisfaction that comes from laying stone? In just a week or two you can build something that you and future generations will cherish for decades to come (perhaps even centuries)

Consider the possibilities... fireplaces... chimneys... foundations... driveway entrances... or even your own home!.. made of stone!

Your journey toward beautiful stonework starts here!

There is simply no other program like the Stonemason Academy. Don't take our word for's wise to judge the quality of a tree by the fruit it bares... take a moment now and look over the images here to discover the stonework our team has created over the years. Does any of this appeal to you as something you would like to have in your own home? 

Yes, there are trade schools out there where one can take "Beginning Masonry 101" classes where the main focus is block and brick. And, there are rare opportunities to learn from stone artisans who specialize primarily in landscape features... but where can one turn to learn traditional stone techniques applicable to building today's homes?

The goal of the Stonemason Academy is not just to teach the skills, but also to see to it that those who enroll obtain results

Yes, there are many books out there on the subject, but a book on stone can only serve as a resource... it will do little to guide us along as we craft the stones that will become an integral part of our homes.

We humans are visual creatures after all... we grasp knowledge much quicker when we are shown how to do something. And we learn best by doing... with hands-on participation... while being under the guidance of a skilled teacher... by becoming apprentices.  

Wax on. Wax off. 

Slowly the student becomes the master.

The Stonemason Academy is your online Apprenticeship opportunity to learn the craft of stone masonry. 

Don't miss out.

You are invited to come along in the Stonemason Academy as Noah Bradley... (and you at home)... construct a stone fireplace! 

You can of course sit back in your chair and learn a great deal by simply watching this online course, but we encourage you to join us as a stone fireplace is created and build one for yourself! (A finished fireplace is easily taken apart and moved if you are not ready now to enjoy an evening fire.)

We will share with you what tools you will need, where to find the stone, and step-by-step we will go through the process... and as we take each step we will visit stone projects and discuss how buiding a breathtaking fireplace will give us skills and confidence that will carry over to other stone projects on our home.

With the assistance of the Stonemason Academy you will be able to create the centerpiece of your home!.. A stone fireplace! For the rest of your life the result of this one project will garner the admiration of family members and friends alike!

And, once you have built your stone fireplace... you will not only have an attractive architectural addition for your home... but you will also have gained the ability to undertake any stone project!... such as... a stone chimney, a stone foundation, or a set of columns at the end of your driveway! 

Who knows? maybe... you will feel emboldened enough to build a stone home! 

The stone works of Noah Bradley and his stonemason team have spanned several decades and have included hundreds of unique projects. Their stonework has been featured in many national and international publications. (a small sampling of it can seen here on this page)  

Noah's "downhome" Academy training courses... have all received abundant and enthusiastic praise. They are often found to be entertaining as well as instructional... not only by guiding individuals along on their journey in learning new building skills, but also by thoroughly explaining why something is done in a particular way. 

For centuries the average person has laid stone and in the process has created durable and functional works of art. Unfortunately the beauty of traditonal stonework has all but been lost in our lifetimes due in part to the introduction of low quality materials, and the desire for quicker completion... and of course... larger profits.

If stonework is desired in your home then the Stonemason Academy is essential. Here you will learn how to combine timeless craftsmanship with the best of modern innovations. The finished result will be the creation of a lasting legacy... and a breathtaking and functional masterpiece... one that will endure for millenia.

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, or a new career, or maybe you simply want to play a key part in the creation of your own handmade home... this course is for you!

Will you save a lot of money in undertaking this craft? Yes!!!

Will you enjoy every moment of it? 

Yes!!! (well.. there might be a few moments of doubt... but we will get through them together!)

Will your home be much more attractive as a result of your efforts? 


Finely crafted stonework will continue to bless us long after the final stone is laid... from the soul-warming fires we gather around in the winter... to the rich visual appeal that stone features provide to the exterior of our homes 

So come on along as Noah Bradley shares within the Stonemason Academy how you can dramatically improve your home by showcasing within it the beauty of traditional stonework!

A FREE PREVIEW of the first module of this course will be released March 20, 2018... The First Day of Spring!!!

Every Monday thereafter, a new video module (each about an hour long) will be released to complete the six part series (plus bonus videos). Once released these vidoes will be yours to view... at any time that you would like... and, as often as you would like... for life!

The cost of the Stonemason Academy is far less than the consulatation fees Noah Bradley has received from professional masons seeking to improve their work. The tuition price of the Stonemason Academy should not be viewed as an expense, but rather an investment in your future home.

And don't forget... there is absolutely no risk involved!

We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee... If you aren't 100% convinced that the Stonemason Academy was well worth your time and money then your money will be cheerfully and quickly refunded... no questions asked!

Here below is just one of the many comments that we have received on our Academy courses...

"One of the experiences I have had in being a member of the Handmade House Guild*** and taking Noah's courses is getting excited about each form of construction. I have always admired beautiful stone work, but his courses and writings have made it seem that, with effort, doing this work is actually within reach. Because of this my wife has had to endure me being excited about a variety of handmade house construction forms."

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