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Do You Dream of Building a Hand-Crafted Home?

Maybe...  a Log Cabin?
Or... a Timber-Frame?
Perhaps.. a Stone Cottage?

There are so many wonderful options!
But, you simply don't know where to begin?

It seems that the internet is full of conflicting and confusing opinions on which single path is best for you to take.

Where can a person turn to find someone who has tried it all, someone who has actually built all kinds of Handmade Houses, over the course of four decades, and is now sharing that knowledge and experience with a select few?

Congratulations! You've found that special place! 

Welcome Home!

Welcome!... to The Handmade House Guild!


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Hi!  I'm Noah Bradley
Founder of
and the Creator of The Handmade House Guild

At the age of twenty I took a year off from college and hand-built my first home,
doing all the work myself, with very little experience, and even less in savings.

I would go on from that tremendous life-changing experience,
for the next four decades of my life, building many more Handmade Houses...
one-at-a-time... driven to make each new home better than the last.

My work has been featured in many publications for it's warmth and beauty
and I now share all the secrets that I have learned during my career to the
Members of The Handmade House Guild!

You can discover, design, and build your own handcrafted home!

You can get the home of your dreams, save money, and have fun building it!

Join me within...

The Handmade House Guild

If you have found yourself here, perhaps it's not by accident.
How long have you dreamt of having a truly handcrafted home?
You can do this!
Now, is the time to make it happen.
Don't settle for a home anything less than amazing!


Here's what you get...
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  • Instant online access to all eight hours of the Handmade House Academy course (this home-building course is only available to members of the Guild). Imagine sitting down for a full day with the nation's leading authority on Handmade Houses and having him offer his best advice on how best to discover, design, and build your handmade home!
  • PLUS... you will enjoy lifetime access to the  Handmade House Guild "members-only" online group. Here you will continue to gain more insights, obtain additional support from our founder, and gain inspiration from others within the Guild Community.
  • PLUS... You will have access to three different sets of handrawn blueprints, created by Noah himself, of three of his favorite projects. (a $7,500+ value)
  • PLUS... New online step-by-step courses are being created and released each year which focuse guiding you through a variety of hands-on construction methods. These newly created courses are part of the ever-expanding resources within the Handmade House Guild! Noah's most recent twelve-hour online LOG CABIN ACADEMY is now accessable to Guild members and the feedback so far has been amazing!  This Spring, we will be releasing our next series... The Stonemason Academy! and in the Fall of 2018...  we will cover Timber Framing! These courses are not... "just as good as others being offered (for thousands of dollars each)"... these courses are in our opinion... FAR BETTER! (plus... much of the content and methods revealed in these courses is simply not taught anywhere else!)
  • In summary... Handmade House Guild Members are more than students... they are part of a team... they are family. As a member of the Guild you will become part of an exclusive and growing community of individuals who want to achieve a remarkable home for themselves.
  • All of this... for a one-time payment of only $597 or if you'd prefer... you can now choose to make four easy payments of $197! Compare this to the tens-of-thousands of dollars you would likely pay in consultation fees in order to possibly gain some of this information (please note... the Guild Membership Membership rate rises as its content grows... so, we encourage everyone to lock-in before the next bump-up... asap!)
  • One final thought... consider the value of Handmade House Guild membership with regard to the potential savings that you will reap when building your home... or... the costly mistakes that you might likely avoid. Our homes are the most expensive purchases of our lives...We want to "get it right"... the first time!

Isn't it time that you joined the Handmade House Guild?

Here are just a few of the comments that we have received from Members within
the Handmade House Guild

"One of the experiences I have had in being a member of the Handmade House Guild and consuming all the information is getting excited about each form of construction. I have always admired beautiful craftsmanship, but Noah's courses and writings have made it seem that, with effort, doing this work is actually within reach. Because of this my wife has had to endure me being excited about a variety of handmade house construction forms."

Nick M.

"The Handmade House Guild course will take you step-by-step on how to build your own handmade house.  The videos are clear and concise and answer so many questions a non-builder like me have been looking for answers to.  You will learn to design and construct the home of your dreams.  The added house plans are worth the price of the membership all by themselves."

Brian W.

"I'd just like to impress upon you how much we think this course is of value. We've found nothing like it anywhere else. It's given us both the confidence and  real enthusiasm to push ahead and get started, so thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. It's so important for masters to pass on their skills to the next generation."

James and Ciara

"I am really glad I got on board.  You have taught me very much.  I especially appreciate your input about what does and doesn't look "right" as far as the final  product and aesthetics.  Your experience really shows what is important (to me anyway) ... the details.  All of your suggestions and the many other insights were great to help me visualize the look I will be seeking to accomplish in my future home."

Tom B.

"Thank you Noah, I believe you are a gifted teacher. I know it must take a tremendous amount of work to organise The Guild and all it's courses.  You hit on the right notes and details in the right places. And though I've never met you I sense that you bring out the best in others. This journey is exciting to me and I'm looking forward to every step of the way.  I sense you have helped many people more than you can know.  Your choice to offer your knowledge and experience has helped me discover confidence that yes I can have a home without (what is for me) the hopelessness of massive and overwhelming debt."

Mark L.

“My husband and I just finished up the Handmade House Academy course last week, LOVED IT!!!  I have many pages of notes.  We will be starting the Log Cabin Academy hopefully this week. 
I appreciate all of your time and effort to share your skills and knowledge.”

Laura S.

"My husband and I are really enjoying the Handmade House Guild and find all the videos very helpful and enjoyable to watch. Thanks for offering these classes at an affordable price. "

Jason and Rachel B.

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Sieze the day!  ...  Don't let your dream home slip away!

Discover the joys of the Handmade House lifestyle!

A note to you, from our founder... Noah Bradley

"It is much easier to build your dream home
than it is to live with the regret
of never having done so."

My goal is to help you achieve the home you've always dreamed of having.

I believe that you can have that special dream home and I'd like to share with you how you can discover, design, and build it.

Don't settle for less.

Live the dream... and avoid the nightmare of uncertainty. Take action, and escape the trap of never moving forward.

In my forty years of creating one-of-a-kind homes I have learned a great deal. I'd like to share it all with you... to put you years ahead of where I started on my quest to build the perfect handcrafted home in the country.

Many, in the housing industry today, view me as... "The Leading Authority of Handcrafted and Alternative Forms of Housing".  My work has been featured in dozens of publications including; books, newspapers, magazines, and online media...

The first home my company ever built back in the 1980's made the cover of Country Living Magazine, and just recently... we were featured in The Financial Times (which reaches millions worldwide).

Other publications in which my work can be seen include:

The Washington Post
This Old House
Log Home Living
Country Home
Hands-On Log Homes
Early American Country Homes
The Farmhouse Book
Mid-Atlantic Country Living
Better Homes and Gardens
Timber Home Living
Wilderness Dispatch
Energy Efficient Homes
Rural Living and… many, many more!

I tell you this not to impress you... but to impress upon you that I... with all my experience... know that you can design and build an amazing home... a handmade home... If you have the drive to get to this point... you have what it takes!

I would like to help you get from where you are now, to where I am... without taking forty years to do so.

I’d like to share with you what I have learned throughout my long career.
To encourage you.
To enable you.
To help you, in any way that I can.

The Handmade House Guild membership,
with all of it's premium offerings,
and growing content,
is how I can best do just that!

I firmly believe that by becoming part of the Handmade House Guild community that you will likely go on to aquire a very special home...

It is also likely that you will save yourself a fair bit of money in the design and construction of your unique Handmade House... far, far more than the one-time membership fee.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come on in!


We look forward to seeing you in the...
Handmade House Guild!!!